Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Soulwax played down in Brighton last week. They played their live Nite Versions of their Remixes. I think that makes sense.. Anyway, more importantly, they were brilliant. Their version of LCDs Get Innocuous was a particular highlight, when they're locked into the groove there are few better, certainly from Belgium anyway.. (Sorry, it was getting a bit sycophantic so I had to get a bit Belgianist to counter all the fawning)

Unfortunately I missed the screening of the film their Rave-umentary "Part Of The Weekend Never Dies." Which was annoying, so I've decided to put my own together... This teaser is from  a show they did in Tokyo in 2004. Including a rare-ish guest appearance from Nancy Whang and featuring Little Dave from Goose on 3rd keyboard.  Aside from this clip and one of the brothers humiliating a poor Japanese DJ in an interview most of the footage I have of them is when they've played the Dave Clarke remix of Coatnoise in various locations. I'm thinking of calling it "Part Of My Coatnoise Never Dies" but then again maybe not...

The picture is from the same trip, but this time at the Electraglide Festival in Osaka..

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