Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Soccer AM

This Saturday (26th April) I'm going to be a guest on Soccer AM, the irreverent Saturday morning football show. They've been playing Disco Sirens over the top of their 'showboating' section, which is basically clips of fancy footwork and outrageous skills, and they very kindly asked me on to the show. I will be the one telling the self-deprecating anecdotes and breathing in a lot.

Seeing as I like to illustrate each post with a picture I though I'd include this gem from a game of football played at Sonar 2005. I captained a side of good, honest British players against Tiga's group of International mercenaries & assorted Eurotrash on the beach. Here James Murphy (goalkeeper) and I (midfield, of course) are just about to smash into each other. If you've ever heard a record cringingly described as "Like the sound of Big Beat & Punk Funk colliding" This is probably the closet you'll ever get to a visual interpretation of it... 

It was 1 all by the way..


Carrie said...

You're gonna be on Soccer AM? ...that's brilliant! That's worth getting up on a Saturday morning for.

Do you get to do the penalty shoot out?!

Arveene said...

That looks painful bro...

Tayo3000 said...

Ive decided to watch it from the Sofa instead of come to the studio cos I think it will be better from the TV. But if Hells Bells asks after me then I can pop down.
PS - not mentioning us lot Davies style can surely only lead to ostracising at the Reading game. good luck dear.
ps - please score at the end, for your own sake.

laura said...

ooooo soccer am. i'm gone for 5 minutes & you go all show bizz.

great picture too

love loz

John said...

Mr Midfield General sir. Do you have any idea whether Skint are going to continue to sponsor Brighton & Hove Albion?