Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mixmag 25th Anniversary Party

T'other week I was asked to DJ at Mixmags 25th Anniversary party. The plan was that a number of DJs each play their 5 favourite records from the last 25 years.. 
Other DJs included Rocky from X-Press 2, New Young Pony Club, Annie Mac, Herve & Sinden, Jon Carter, a man like Goldie, Westwood! and Judge Jules... See who I roll with? fuck yeah!

The lovely picture above is of Ralph Moore, Mixmag's editor.. I think he's the editor, well if he isn't he should be..

So anyway, what records did you play I hear you yawn... well they where..

Let's Get Brutal  - Nitro Deluxe
Al-Naafiysh - Hashim
Da Funk - Daft Punk
Darn (Cold Way O'Lovin) - Super_Collider
Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsystem..

Apparently a lot of people picked Super_Collider.. which is nice of them but then it is an amazing record. And trivia fans, the video for it was filmed in my house... 

Yes indeed, but I wasn't quite so happy and proud  at the time. You see, the keys for the house became available while I was on holiday, Irish John, Skints Video Commissioner and my housemate asked if they could use the empty house for a small bit of shooting.. reluctantly I agreed as long as they kept quiet and only allowed the bare minimum of people in the house.. (Well I didn't want to get off on the wrong foot with the neighbours..)
But as you will see from the video, half of fucking Brighton turned up and my house turned into one of those parties the Daily Mail write about to illustrate the depths to which this country has sunk... they even took some pictures of me and Mrs General looking forlornly at our wrecked dream home, but then some Asylum Seekers raped a Corgi and we were bumped..
Oh well, still, great video..

Friday, 9 May 2008

Are People Real Podcast

I was very happy to be asked to do a mix for the lovely Broken Hooker DJs and there excellent ArePeopleReal podcasts.... Click on the bright shiny red letters to subscribe to the show.. Once you've marveled at my bit (apart from the mix out of Pennie's From Heaven, which is a touch shoddy I have to admit) it's really worth checking out the past shows...

Here's the tracklist for my bit... I'd been going through and digitizing a lot of my old records that week, which explains the lack of much new stuff on it, but after digging out tracks like Charlies Concept and the Dirt Crew mix of Sasse, well I thought they needed to be heard again. There is the first ever airing of Dennis Dub, which funnily enough is a dub version of Dennis & My Sister off the album. The track contains commentary from Jack Van Gelder, the Dutch John Motson, who gets rather over excited when Dennis Bergkamp scores one of the best goals ever to win the World Cup Quarter final for Holland against Argentina. Todays' picture is my visual interpretation of that fine moment... hope you like it..

International Pony - Our House
Midfield General - Dennis Dub
Sasse - Soul Sounds (Dirt Crew Remix) 
Funk 198 - Charlies Concept
The Subs - Unknown
Midfield General - Faster 
Sirisumo - All The Girls (Tomboy Mix)
Inner City - Pennies From Heaven 
Herve - Hi Jackin
Boys Noize - Lava Lava (Feadz Remix)
Michael Jackson - Thriller (Souls Get Down Re Edit)

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

6 Music Roundtable

Last Thursday I was a guest on the Steve Lamacq Roundtable show on 6 Music. The idea is that 3 guests listen to a handful of new records, give their opinion on them and mark them out of 10 and the winner is the one with most points.. just in case you hadn't worked that out for yourself. Some of the records we reviewed were; the new Coldplay single (not as bad as i'd thought it would be) the new CSS track (bit disappointing sadly) and the excellent new Mystery Jets single '2 Doors Down' which everyone loved and was crowned the runaway winner.. Hoorah. If you have nothing better to do you can listen again to the show by clicking on the red title...

My fellow guests where the lovely Huw Stephens from Radio 1 and Sam Sparro. Now, this sounds terrible and I hate myself for even thinking it... but whenever you're about to meet someone very talented and good looking, you kinda hope they're going to be a bit of a pratt. It just seems unfair for someone to be all those things and a thoroughly decent human being too... but he is, damn him. 

As you can see from the lovely picture of myself and Sam, (kindly reproduced from Huw Stephens blogsite) I got a bit confused as to what face to pull in those crucial seconds before the shutter clicked. Realising it was futile to try and look anything close to 'chiselled' next to him  I went for my grinning idiot face... Hence,  he looks like a proper pop star and I look like a competition winner... I need to work on that.