Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mixmag 25th Anniversary Party

T'other week I was asked to DJ at Mixmags 25th Anniversary party. The plan was that a number of DJs each play their 5 favourite records from the last 25 years.. 
Other DJs included Rocky from X-Press 2, New Young Pony Club, Annie Mac, Herve & Sinden, Jon Carter, a man like Goldie, Westwood! and Judge Jules... See who I roll with? fuck yeah!

The lovely picture above is of Ralph Moore, Mixmag's editor.. I think he's the editor, well if he isn't he should be..

So anyway, what records did you play I hear you yawn... well they where..

Let's Get Brutal  - Nitro Deluxe
Al-Naafiysh - Hashim
Da Funk - Daft Punk
Darn (Cold Way O'Lovin) - Super_Collider
Losing My Edge - LCD Soundsystem..

Apparently a lot of people picked Super_Collider.. which is nice of them but then it is an amazing record. And trivia fans, the video for it was filmed in my house... 

Yes indeed, but I wasn't quite so happy and proud  at the time. You see, the keys for the house became available while I was on holiday, Irish John, Skints Video Commissioner and my housemate asked if they could use the empty house for a small bit of shooting.. reluctantly I agreed as long as they kept quiet and only allowed the bare minimum of people in the house.. (Well I didn't want to get off on the wrong foot with the neighbours..)
But as you will see from the video, half of fucking Brighton turned up and my house turned into one of those parties the Daily Mail write about to illustrate the depths to which this country has sunk... they even took some pictures of me and Mrs General looking forlornly at our wrecked dream home, but then some Asylum Seekers raped a Corgi and we were bumped..
Oh well, still, great video..

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