Wednesday, 10 September 2008

New mix for September..

Here's a new DJ mix what I've just done. It's a 50 minute collection of what I've playing right about now.. Click on the red type to download it.. Hope you like it..

I also thought I should repost some of my older mixes as they're getting lost in the depths of my furious posting. And well, I must admit to an alterior motive, my new DJ agent has asked me to put up some mixes so people can get an idea of what I'm playing... so there.


Yes indeed... I've been rubbish at updating this blog.. sorry about that.. 
Part of my weak defence is that I've been very busy in the studio, and DJing and had a holiday, and been consumed by The Wire, and the American election campaign, and the book Shantaram.. So there.
I've been doing quite a few remixes of late.. for Bloc Party, Grinderman, X-Press 2, Nelson, Tronik Youth, quite a few tracks off my own album. They should be seeing the light of day very soon...
I also have a new mix which i'll be posting in a minute too..
So that's my excuse done..

Suppose i should explain the pictures to illustrate my summer..
The first was taken in Mykonos in Greece, this beautiful couple were doing a photo shoot to show there joy at being alive and well, just being beautiful i suppose..

The second is Lenin, taken in Moscow during my recent trip there to DJ with the lovely Mr Shit Robot. Twas an excellent night. The mural was in a Moscow subway.. don't ask me which one because quite frankly I didn't have a clue which one i was in.. it's beautiful down there but it's also very confusing if you don't speak Russian.

Number 3 is from the Boosh Fest, where I was honoured to share a dressing room with Jarvis Cocker.. and so i'm just showing off there really.. 

and finally a picture from my home town, Whitstable. This is just next to my families restaurant/pub The Sportsman, where myself and Mrs General where enjoying a sunset... ahh