Monday, 14 April 2008

On The Floor At The Boutique

So here is my 'On The Floor At The Boutique' mix CD. Originally released in April 2000 it was the 3rd in the series following Fatboy Slim & The Lo-Fidelity Allstars. 
I made a real effort to cram in as many of my own personal Boutique favourites and certainly had the alterior motive of showing how musically diverse the club was..

I loved the cover of this, it was a time when compilations where always adorned with beautiful club bunnies.. So we put up this picture of Scott, one of our favourite regulars.

and here's a link to the tracklisting on Discogs. I'm not being lazy, it just means you can find all the originals if you so desire.. honestly.

1 comment: said...

this is such a good album. i have all 3 of the 'on the floor' records.

i spent most of my young life at the boutique and loved every second of it.

i am now making my own music. if you ever get a second have a listen.

anyway - looking forward to the next MFG album!