Thursday, 11 December 2008

I'm an Ed Rec Edit Addict

Bonjour Mes Enfants et Bienvenue to the Midfield General Blogsite.

The reason for the bad French is that you have probably be directed here by those lovely people at Ed Banger who have kindly put me on their mail-out.

For those of you who don't know, my connections with Ed Banger started back in 2004 when I licensed Theme From Vicarious Bliss for Skint, then in 2005 I chose Paris for my sabbatical, where I was supposed to start work on my album General Disarray. I was very kindly adopted by the Ed Rec crew, so for 8 glorious months went to their parties, took pictures and tried, unsuccessfully, to explain the theory behind a 'round of drinks'.

So, to explain the title of this entry... For some reason I just can't stop re-editing/remixing their tracks. My first was a remix of Krazy Baldheads 'Crazy Motherfuckers', and then I recently did one for the amazing Positif by Mr Oizo which has been doing the rounds in blog-world. And here is another which is being sent out into the wide world for the first time. It is my re-working of the So-Me remix of Busy P's track To Protect & Entertain. Click on the red writing for a 320 mp3.

I suppose while I've got you hear I should let you know about stuff I have coming up. Next week I'll be releasing some mixes of tracks off my album, there will be one a month available through Beatport and we kick of with Error, with my own disco-ish reworking (which is now on my myspace music player, and the original Rough Dub. Then there will be mixes of other tracks by Fukkk Off, Arveene & Misk, Tronik Youth, OrtzRoka, Broken Hookers, Si Begg, Stenchman and many more. I bet you just can't wait can you?

So, I always try and illustrate each post with a few pictures, so it's only right that I include a few from my time in Gay Paris. 


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