Friday, 29 May 2009


Well what a terrible start to my year of blogging 2009 is almost half way over and here is my 1st post... shameful..
But what a post.. yes indeed, here is the video for Teddy Bear, a track off General Disarray. It's a cover version of an old C&W tearjerker by Red Sovine. And it's another Midfield General/Kidda Animation Collaboration.. Kidda also did the video for Midfielding, a track from my 1st album that featured Noel Fielding on storytelling duties.. This time it's Ralph Brown, Shakespearean actor, star of Withnail & I, Waynes World 2 and a pilot in the Rebel Alliance, that is telling the story...
It's a long 'un.. 6:10.. but worth every second.. so make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy... sensitive types might want to have some tissues handy as it's a bit of a tearjerker.. enjoy.

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